The world is constantly changing. New, effective security systems require a better understanding of cyberspace and advanced technologies. Traditional cyber defenses cannot keep pace with the high access in 5G networks and IoT delivery, nefarious manipulation of data, malicious disinformation and global corporations. The exposure of cybersecurity vulnerabilities proves the need for more up-to-date scholarly research that will cross borders in technology, policy and application. National Research Institute NASK, a leader in cyber innovations in Poland, is creating a ground-breaking new scientific platform for research publication and multidivisional exchange of ideas in computer science and security studies.

To address this gap in knowledge, we are launching a new open-access peer-reviewed scholarly journal Applied Cybersecurity and Internet Governance!

Applied Cybersecurity and Internet Governance responds to contemporary challenges faced by modern civilization. Our ambition is to ensure sustainable technological development, promote crucial technological advances and present new research in machine learning. We are confident that interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral approaches to management of the Internet will enhance harmonious global cooperation.

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We welcome original research papers that extend the existing knowledge in the field of cyber security, AI and the use of the Internet. Accepted research articles that have gone through a rigorous peer-review process will be published online first. The digital revolution needs your studies!

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