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Decode the cyber with ACIG. Read our short interview with Mateusz Łabuz!

We are starting a new series of Q&A to authors who have published in ACIG!
First, our editor Marek Górka talks to Mateusz Łabuz.

Marek Górka: We recently had a lively discussion following the adoption of the AI Act by the European Parliament. Do you believe there are any oversights in it?

Mateusz Łabuz: The AI Act is not a perfect regulation and its actual value will be tested in the next several months. Nevertheless, it should be appreciated that the European Union paved a way for taking a holistic approach to regulating AI and might be an important benchmark for other countries and organizations. Therefore, it will also be the first one to test the applicability of solutions. I see potential problems in the expected interpretations of what ethical and trustworthy AI actually means and how fundamental rights of EU citizens will be secured by the private sector. As for issues that are particularly close to me, I would point out one tangible oversight in addressing the issue of deep fakes. The AI Act does not refer to deep porn anywhere, i.e. non-consensual pornography in the form of deep fakes, the victims of which are primarily women, which is an extremely important topic for political and social reasons and needs to be addressed directly. Fortunately, the ongoing work on the directive on combating violence against women gives hope for dealing with the problem.
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