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Protection of the EU's Critical Infrastructures: Results and Challenges
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University of Zagreb, Croatia
Publication date: 2023-12-31
Applied Cybersecurity & Internet Governance 2023;2(1):1-5
At the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, the EU adopted several new legislative acts aimed at improving the resilience and protection of network and information systems and critical entities across the Union. The objective of this research is to list the said acts, show their interconnections and focus specifically on the analysis of potential weaknesses of two legislative acts, namely: the NIS2 Directive and the CER Directive. The NIS2 Directive is a significant piece of legislation that aims to improve the cybersecurity of the European Union, while the CER Directive is a crucial piece of legislation that aims to improve the physical security of critical entities in the Union. These two documents are applied in parallel and contain many mutual references, which means that weaknesses in one document can have significant consequences in the implementation of the other. Therefore, through standard desk-top analysis of primary and secondary sources, this paper reviews the protection of the EU's critical infrastructures results and challenges by primarily focusing on these two documents. The research found certain weaknesses, explained them and suggested possible solutions.
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